« I was rejected by my family because I am trans. All my life I have been abused and institutions have never protected me. »

© Camille Charpigny

Hzani is 25 years old. She is originally from Albania.

Hzani was rejected by her family because of her trans-identity. She was the victim of several intra-family assaults before she ran away at the age of 12. She lived on the streets for part of her teenage years and had to stop her schooling.

Afterwards, her life was marked by transphobic (physical and verbal) aggression. At the same time, she has been subjected to humiliation and discrimination by institutions (police, hospital etc.).

Her last attack was particularly violent. The police did not try to protect her, nor to find her attackers. She had to flee her country and go into exile in France.

Today, Hzani is a cleaner. She wants to work in hospitals or hotels.

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