“It is necessary to develop reception and accommodation facilities for LGBTIQ+ exiles in order to provide them with inclusive, caring and safe spaces. The multiplication of these centres across France will facilitate their asylum application process and their integration.”

© Camille Charpigny

Emmanuel is a social worker. For the past two years, he has been working for the Refuge Foundation in a support and accommodation service dedicated to LGBTQIA+ exiles aged between 18 and 30.

He accompanies the people housed in the management of their problems and their projects. Its fields of intervention are varied. It works with them on their asylum application, their care pathway, the search for training or employment, access to housing, registration on the territory, etc.

There is a need to develop reception and accommodation facilities for LGBTQIA+ exiles in order to offer them inclusive, caring and safe spaces. The multiplication of these centres across France will facilitate their asylum application process and their integration.

In the vast majority of cases, LGBTQIA+ exiles live in an insecure context, on the margins of their own community. They carry with them significant traumatic episodes. Special attention must be paid to their mental health.

Asylum is a protection that we must guarantee to LGBTQIA+ people in exile. My intervention, however modest, aims to re-establish them as subjects of rights and actors in their lives.

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© Camille Charpigny

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Rainbow Welcome! visual universe

Rainbow Welcome! visual identity has been developed by Alison Roger France, in collaboration with PLS and all the partners. 

She studied the complexity of sexuality, sexual orientations, genders, gender expressions, identities, sexual characteristics, fluidity between the various spectrums, etc. She also adopted a reflective creation process including refugees’ journey in life and on earth to finally come with those organic forms whose nasting, movements and textures aim at illustrating the multiplicity and complexity of each and all individuals. Of course, the colours of the LGBTIQ+ flag have been used. The whole is wanted to be dynamic, intriguing and … positive. Our message is the one of reception and inclusion, as stated in our motto “Rainbow refugees, WELCOME!”. 

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L'universo visivo di Rainbow Welcome!

L’identità visiva di Rainbow Welcome! è stata sviluppata da Alison Roger France, in collaborazione con PLS e tutti i partner.

Ha studiato la complessità della sessualità, gli orientamenti sessuali, i generi, le espressioni di genere, le identità, le caratteristiche sessuali, la fluidità tra i vari spettri, ecc. Ha anche adottato un processo di creazione riflessivo che include il viaggio dei rifugiati nella vita e sulla terra per arrivare infine a quelle forme organiche la cui tostatura, i movimenti e le texture mirano a illustrare la molteplicità e la complessità di ognuno e di tutti gli individui. Naturalmente sono stati usati i colori della bandiera LGBTIQ+. L’insieme vuole essere dinamico, intrigante e … positivo. Il nostro messaggio è quello dell’accoglienza e dell’inclusione, come recita il nostro motto “Rainbow refugees, WELCOME!”.