«My partner was lynched by the crowd. Neither the police nor the justice system protected me. I had to flee my country to stay alive.»

© Camille Charpigny

Jean-Loïc is 20 years old. He comes from the Ivory Coast.

Abandoned by his parents at the age of 11 because of the discovery of his homosexuality, Jean-Loïc learned to survive for 6 years as a gay teenager in the streets of Abidjian.

His relationship with a young man was discovered by the neighbourhood. His companion was lynched by the crowd. Jean-Loïc could not benefit from the protection of the police and the justice system in his country. He had to flee Côte d’Ivoire to preserve his life. He made a long journey by land and sea to reach France.

Jean-Loïc wants to resume his schooling and train in logistics.

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Rainbow Welcome! visual universe

Rainbow Welcome! visual identity has been developed by Alison Roger France, in collaboration with PLS and all the partners. 

She studied the complexity of sexuality, sexual orientations, genders, gender expressions, identities, sexual characteristics, fluidity between the various spectrums, etc. She also adopted a reflective creation process including refugees’ journey in life and on earth to finally come with those organic forms whose nasting, movements and textures aim at illustrating the multiplicity and complexity of each and all individuals. Of course, the colours of the LGBTIQ+ flag have been used. The whole is wanted to be dynamic, intriguing and … positive. Our message is the one of reception and inclusion, as stated in our motto “Rainbow refugees, WELCOME!”. 

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El universo visual de Rainbow Welcome!

La identidad visual de Rainbow Welcome! ha sido desarrollada por Alison Roger France, en colaboración con PLS y todos los socios.

Estudió la complejidad de la sexualidad, las orientaciones sexuales, los géneros, las expresiones de género, las identidades, las características sexuales, la fluidez entre los distintos espectros, etc. También adoptó un proceso de creación reflexivo que incluía el viaje de los refugiados en la vida y en la tierra para llegar finalmente a esas formas orgánicas cuyos nidos, movimientos y texturas pretenden ilustrar la multiplicidad y la complejidad de todos y cada uno de los individuos. Por supuesto, se han utilizado los colores de la bandera LGBTIQ+. El conjunto quiere ser dinámico, intrigante y… positivo. Nuestro mensaje es el de la acogida y la inclusión, como reza nuestro lema « Rainbow Refugiados, ¡BIENVENIDOS!».