Take action!​

Rainbow Welcome! is implemented by five partner organisations but every stakeholder, including you, has a key role to play. So, join the effort and… take action!

Do you also want to express your support for LGBTIQ+ refugees and fight against the discrimination they face?

Share the campaign using the #RainboWelcome hashtag on social media. In this way, you will help to raise awareness of the realities faced by LGBTIQ+ refugees in Europe!

Do you have the power to change things?

Check out our policy paper, it is full of concrete recommendations addressed to the European institutions, member states and reception centres to improve the conditions for LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees in Europe.

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Do you want to get even more involved?

Then share and act in favour of the diversity of gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations, and highlight the richness of such diversity in society. Simply become an ally!

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Rainbow Welcome! visual universe

Rainbow Welcome! visual identity has been developed by Alison Roger France, in collaboration with PLS and all the partners. 

She studied the complexity of sexuality, sexual orientations, genders, gender expressions, identities, sexual characteristics, fluidity between the various spectrums, etc. She also adopted a reflective creation process including refugees’ journey in life and on earth to finally come with those organic forms whose nasting, movements and textures aim at illustrating the multiplicity and complexity of each and all individuals. Of course, the colours of the LGBTIQ+ flag have been used. The whole is wanted to be dynamic, intriguing and … positive. Our message is the one of reception and inclusion, as stated in our motto “Rainbow refugees, WELCOME!”.