With the Rainbow Welcome! project, we intend to provide various organisations and professionals with useful guidance to better receive LGBTIQ+ refugees. We produced different tools available in several languages, to everyone and for free:

The study

The study on the legal processes to receive LGBTIQ+ refugees in Europe.


The guidelines are addressed to any LGBTIQ+ shelters, LGBTIQ+ associations and refugees’ reception centres in order to improve their reception conditions. They are based on a diagnosis of the issues faced to receive LGBTIQ+ refugees and a benchmark of good practices put in place to better answer their specific needs.

Guidelines for LGBTIQ+ shelters, LGBTIQ+ associations and refugees reception centre

Share your experience

If you have worked or benefitted from services of one of these types of organisations and want to share your expertise and experience with us.


The objective is to train the various stakeholders to improve how they receive and orientate LGBTIQ+ refugees.

Do you want to participate ?

Any interested LGBTIQ+ shelters, association or refugees’ reception centre located in one of the partners’ countries can contact us.